Progetta Inc. is dedicated above all else to service, and to creating websites and systems with an eye for business impact on you, the customer. Your website is a lot more than just code – it’s your brand, it’s first contact for many of your customers, it’s the primary source of information about your business for essentially everyone. When we build a website, we want to make sure we understand your company on a deep level. We’re here to serve.

Progetta is a web development company located in Redding, California. We primarily do work for businesses in the North State.

About me

I’m Chris Gratigny, founder and CEO of Progetta Inc. I grew up on farm in Canton, Ohio. When I was young I used to try to sell vegetables to grocery stores. I’m pretty sure that entrepreneurial impulse never left me. I built my first website in high school, for a hardware store I was working for. In college I became a full-fledged web developer, and majored in business. In 2005, I started Progetta, and since then I have worked on a number of exciting software projects in the area. I have four wonderful children.